Dear readers

Thanks for visiting to new blog of mine although I have yet to post anything until now. I have always been wondering what should be my first post in this personal development blog. So, finally I have something to share and here is my story.

About four years ago, I was like one of the parents who sent my eldest son, Sam, for weekly Karate class. I could not remember how we found the school honestly as it was so long ago. When Sam had his class, I would be sitting on the benches playing with my Blackberry until he was done with the class an hour later.

A year later, I started having this vision that maybe I could join the training with Sam given that I have not been doing my regular exercise. So, it would be a very good excuse to exercise, isn’t it? That was the story I shared with myself and I started joining Sam for the beginner’s class. At that time, if my memory is right, Sam was already in yellow belt. The class was full of kids aged 5-10 and a few teenagers. It took a lot of courage to join this class as an adult. Anyway, I told myself that dignity and pride should be left outside the dojo. In training, everyone will be trained in the same way, regardless of age and seniority.

So, after white, I received my yellow, then orange, blue, and purple belt. The test is not easy because when one is above blue belt, he/she has to perform two kata – one required kata and another one of the karate student’s choice – without making more than 3 mistakes in total. At times, I felt like giving up because my stamina was challenged and my inner voice told me to go rest and never come back for anymore training. One thing I learnt from my association with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”) is that there is nothing impossible and it is only a question of strategy. In plain English, it means when there is a will there is always a solution somehow. As I hit 40 years of age, each week’s training is basically a challenge of not only my physical strength but also my mental capabilities. It is perseverance and determination which help me to complete my weekly classes.

At the same time, how do I perform these katas? Another thing I learnt from NLP is the power of visualization. So although I may not be physically practicing the katas, guess what? I was doing my training through my mind. In other words, I use my visual power to practice the kata again and again. It is pretty useful and the result is amazing.

Two weeks ago, my master asked me suddenly to go for the test for advancement from purple belt to brown belt. Since I have been practicing through my visual memories, I told myself “I am always ready for the test and bring it on please!”. Hence, I did the test and passed. Now, and after 4 years of training, starting from white belt, I am happy to announce to the world that I am now officially a brown belt holder.

My next target will be obviously the black belt. Is it possible? Well, remember what I said above about my association with the NLP, nothing is impossible. The question is whether I am aware of the resources around me which enable me to achieve another step. As my master said to me many times, I can do it and I am just one more step before achieving the black. It is ok if I did not start the training at much younger age. There were many students in the past who started young but gave up along the way. So, it is not about starting young and it is just an excuse.

Ironically, our mind like to protect us all the times from potential dangers and challenges. And very often our inner voice will do whatever it takes to suggest that we should give up because the task is very challenging and thus, we should stay away from it. Let me ask you this question – recall the last time you faced a particular challenge and you were not sure whether you could finish the task, what did your inner voice say to you? I would like you to take a moment to close you eyes and think about this question. Now that you recalled what the inner voice said to you, I would like you to grab a piece of paper and pen and write down the conversation you had with your inner voice. After you complete this step, I would like you to bring up the piece of paper to your eye level and think you how much it cost you in the past for taking up all these suggestions from your inner voice.

Finally, if you agree that you shall not let your inner voice to take charge of your life, simply squash the paper and throw it away. At the same time, you will say to your inner voice “thank you for sharing!” and from now on, you will be the only person who will take charge of your life and you have the full control over it.

You can achieve a lot if you believe you have the fullest potential in your life. Imagine for whatever reason today is your last day in your life. Are you going to leave the world with full regrets?

I sincerely hope that you now realize that if you trust yourself that you have the fullest potential to realize your dreams, go for it and if your inner voice is doing its job to stop you, you will now know how to respond to the inner voice:

“Thank you for sharing!”

Best regards