I managed to watch the latest episode of the Celebrity Apprentice.  In this episode, Mr. Trump decided to swap the men and women because the women team (Forte) has lost 5 out of 7 times so far.

I am not sure if Mr. Trump has this intention but he put Aubrey O’Day to the team handled by Arsenio Hall.  Arsenio stepped up as the Project Manager this time (and the first time in this season) as he had a strong emotional attachment to the charity he represented.  However, during the project, Aubrey became the de facto leader and she started putting the team members to different task and made certain decisions as if she were the project manager.

Who are the team players and who are not?  Check out the following video to see the arrows and curses to Aubrey in the Boardroom.  If you were here, how would you have handled this situation?

Source: NBC.com

In the end, Arsenio’s team won but where is Aubrey?  Check out the following video:

Source: NBC.com

It just shows that each team player has different personalities and unless the leader is aware of the team dynamics and team personalities, there may be obstacles in handling the team efficiently and effectively.

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