As a parent, I understand the importance of teaching my children to start reading early.   The earlier my children pick up a book to read, the easier it will be for them to develop an interest in reading.  At the same time, this will help them improve their composition and reading comprehension in primary school.  So, what is the challenge – it is to teach our children how to read.

I know some children are able to read well perhaps they were born with the natural talents and they just have the confidence to execute the reading task.  For instance, the following is a short video of my first daughter, Isabelle Wong (7), who is reading aloud for me, in preparing her Primary 1 continuous assessment at Tao Nan School.  And this is How I teach her to read – Encouragement and Confidence Building.

So, you may ask what if your children do not seem to have such natural abilities.  Here is the good news.  The good news is that reading is a skill and it is trainable.  You just need to know how to teach your children how to read.

Want to find out more.  Wait for my next post in which I will share with you some more information to help you to find out How To Teach Your Children How To Read.

To Your Success!
Jack Wong
The Empowered Rangers