Human beings are creatures of habits and there are two types of habits – (i) the “Do” habit and (ii) the “Don’t Do” habit.   So, how does this relate to my post today?

You see, over the years I have an internal program that is called “Don’t ask” and what it means is that I would just accept the price quoted on the website and make payment accordingly.  Perhaps this has something to do with my personal character and my behavioral preference.  As a certified trainer in the Extended DISC™ I am well qualified how to explain that.  So, life continues until my training with Mr. Alex Mandossian at Guerrilla Business Intensive (“GBI“), a signature program of T Harv Eker from Peak Potentials:

In GBI, one key take-away for me is that all prices we saw on the stores, or even on the websites are known as the “strangers’ price”.  And this means that unless we are prepared to be treated like strangers, we should do something so as to get the price down, provided we do it legally, morally and ethically of course.

Since GBI, I have re-programed myself to look for bargains and discounts (and my feeling of dong this is going stronger and stronger each day), and guess what?  It’s become my new habit.  In other words, it becomes natural for me.

So, you may say “so, Jack, what you have told me so far is that you finally know how to ask for discounts.  So what?  Isn’t it obvious, Dumbo?”  It’s perfectly fine for you to say that to me and I won’t be embarrassed because I am thick-skin (also known as high self-esteem!).  You see, my point is that not everyone I know will behave the way we think it is obvious to many.  To be fair, I would say that this is just an assumption to you.

Now, if I did not have this new habit install, I will simply pay US$99 for get a single-user license for the software (which I am going to use for my video presentation).  It’s US$99 – some of you will say “it’s no big deal and I will just pay for it!”.  I have caught you.



Imagine you have this new habit of looking for bargain or discount, what do you see in the above image?  If you see the word “Promo Code”, congratulations.  There you go.   Once our mind is triggered to look for Promo Code, its job is to utilize the resources around to hunt for this code.

In fact, if you take a closer look, this coupon I found allow us to enjoy an almost  US$50 off from the purchase of the software in question and the price is cut by half!


So, you see by acquiring a new habit like this, it saves me US$50.  Imagine if you do this consistently for all your future purchases, how much can you save?  Imagine you use the amount saved for investing, how much can you generate?


In fact, I have my students asking me how to accumulate sufficient capital for investing purposes.  My answer is “save money.”  It is fine to be frugal and I dare to say that every dollar and cent counts towards our saving.  The question is whether you are willing to make a difference in your life!

To Your Success!

Jack Wong
The Empowered Rangers