How many of you have seen rainbow before?  And how many of you learnt in school that there are 7 colors in a rainbow?

Here is a personal story ..

I would like to share with you as the news broke out only a few hours ago that one of my relatives chose to end her life.  What happens is that she has been under deep depression for a couple of years and has been living in an unhappy life.

I don’t know exactly what happened and therefore I am not here to speculate anything.  I would just imagine that if I am living an unhappy life, what colors will I see in the world?  Black? White?  Grey?  You bet.

As I was sending my youngest daughter, Zoe, to school this morning, I told her that no matter how unhappy we are at times, we just need to shift our emotion in a second and we will be happy again.  So, always carry a smile in our face and make it natural.  We will begin to see the colors of a rainbow.  This is partly the reason why my great mentor, Alex Mandossian, gave me a nick name “Smiley!”

Well, recall what we learnt from school in the past.  Our teachers told us that there are 7 colors in a rainbow.  Actually, I beg to differ.  Why?

This is because our mind can choose to see as many colors as we want in a rainbow.  The answer is “as many colors as we want!”.  So, I did a very quick test on Zoe this morning and to my surprise, she said “Yes, I can see a lot of colors in a rainbow because of my “IMAGINATION”.

I was pretty surprised by her telling me that she can imagine how beautiful the world can be and how many colors she can see in a rainbow.

How I wish sometimes we could all act like Zoe and by the way, she is only 6 years old.  Adults are complicated animals because over the years, we have gained experience from different incidents and challenges.  Having said that, our brain is very powerful.  The moment we need resources to help us to become stronger and happier, we just need “1-click” and we can shift our state to a resourceful one.

So, now back to you – how many colors will you next see a rainbow?  You will be the judge.  If you see, hear, or feel that life is beautiful, that is it because life is indeed beautiful if we truly enjoy what we have, good or great?

To Your Success!
Jack Wong
The Empowered Rangers