For those who are curious, there is this saying that we are all born differently. Some of us are born to be chatty while the others seem to be quiet. If you recall the last time you had a break after completing an important task, what did you do? [At this point, allow yourself to close your eyes and take a deep breathe].

Did you go out with a bunch of friends or colleagues to have fun? Did you hide at a corner (or go back to your room) to do introspection? That’s somehow due to our innate personality.

Before I am certified to administer Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®  (“MBTI“) assessment, I had this belief too.  That is, those who like to hide at a corner to do introspection are the “Introverts” and thus, they are labelled the “quiet” people.  On the other hand, those who would talk non-stop and hang out with their friends and/or colleagues are the “extroverts” and thus, they are labelled the “noisy” people.  Perhaps it was due to the media influence.  My experience in the past was that in order to be a successful leader in any corporate organization, he/she must be an “extrovert” because he/she has to be out-spoken in order to lead the team.  At the same time, from many trainings I attended in the past, I noticed that the trainers on the stage were very busy to engage their participants (which included me) and I thought that they must be the “extroverts” because they talked so much in a non-stop fashion.

Obviously, the above was my belief which means that they are not true from a MBTI perspective.  And by the way, let me say that it’s been my observation from my clients’ equiry on my MBTI courses / programs that they seem to believe that the MBTI assessment is a test.  So, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that the MBTI assessment is never a test.  I repeat – “It is not a test!”.  That’s why it is important for my readers who are interested in my MBTI offering to speak to me directly instead of relying on the free information in the internet.  One reason I can imagine as to why some people misunderstood that the MBTI assessment is a  test is because of  the “blinds are leading the blinds” effect.  All certified MBTI practitioners know that we are never ever allowed to say to our clients that the MBTI assessment is a ‘test” as this is the No.1 sin in our practice.  I hope the cloud is clear (and I have a sigh of relief!)

Now, let me come back to the main topic.  I chanced upon the following video in which the speaker, Ms. Susan Cain, talks about the power of the introverts.  If you do not know her type personality, my understanding is that she is an INFJ.  In short, she is an introvert and it is quite obviously for the experienced MBTI practitioners to notice (which included me).  The key point she made was about how in her view, the introverts are able to bring out the talents and abilities of the extroverts to the world, which shows that introverts have their right fit and responsibility in this world.

So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy this video by Susan:

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